The #QuiltinginNigeria Series

Welcome! I’ll simply be talking about my journey of Quilting in Nigeria so far and henceforth in most of my posts. Other times, I’ll be sharing my work in progress, finished work, lessons learnt, quiltspiration and …everything else in between!

Let’s get started!!!

Sometimes ago, I read an interesting post titled the “spending habits of a dedicated Quilter” by Amy Garro of While I related with the sentiment of other readers as regards their amazement over the amount Quilters spend annually, I was most amazed to see the number of Quilters in the US alone. She quoted a 2010 Quilting in America study by TNS Marketing, inc. and DP research solution and they put the number at over 21 million Quilters over the age of 18 and number of quilting households at over 16 million 

In addition, the study indicated that Quilters spend $3.58 billion annually on their craft split between the hobby Quilter ($1.1 billion) and the dedicated Quilter ($2.48 billion). The dedicated Quilters – described as people who spend more than $600 annually on quilting supplies make over 6% of all US Quilters over the age of 18 at 1.32 million. 

Consequently, I went on to search for the latest report which was a survey carried out in 2014. See image below for report summary and here’s a link to the report Quilting in America 2014

quilting in america 2014

Away from the Stats and bringing it back home, I personally do not know of any other Quilter around me. I’ve heard of expat wives who quilt – haven’t met anyone and my search on google only turned up an outdated blog site of some form of quilting activity. Mainly of a missionary effort to train women in the northern part of Nigeria to make quilts and the products are then sold outside Nigeria to make money for these women. However, that was a long time ago. On that note, if you are reading this and you know any Quilter around here, please feel free to tag me @alicesamuelsquiltco on their Instagram profile or kindly share this page with them…Thanks!

There certainly aren’t any quilt shops or even local online retailer of quilting supplies, so my options are importing which hasn’t been without challenges…I’ve had my parcels lost in transit on 2 different attempts …thankfully I got full refund and the retailer was really nice too 🙂   and I am gradually learning to improvise with things that are locally available.

What’s my point? Quilting in Nigeria so far has been a lone journey for me and the stats drove it further home, challenging me to be the voice of quilting in my community and showing me what my economy is missing. I’ve been so fascinated by the online quilting community which somehow is the only one I can relate with for now, but my interaction with that is limited. I would love to be a part of a quilt swap challenge, take part in amazing giveaways, fabric swaps, scraps donation, attend quilt guilds and quilt markets but all that seems like a dream right now. 

In conclusion, I feel so blessed to have found love in this craft and I’m convinced I have a role to play by sharing this love with my community, hopefully through my work and enthusiasm inspire others to fall in love with this amazing craft…whether as a hobby or as a dedicated Quilter or even borderline obsessive Quilter! 

Again welcome to my blog and all I intend to do is share my love of quilting with you and hopefully inspire you to take up this craft if you haven’t…trust me it really is cheaper than therapy!!! As for me, I quilt every opportunity I get to relieve stress 🙂


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