Breast Cancer Awareness Everyday.


I know breast cancer awareness month is coming to an end in a bit, but for anyone else like me who has lost a loved one to breast cancer you’d know that one month isn’t enough…every day of the year should be breast cancer awareness day.

Kudos to the various foundations and individuals out there working tirelessly to raise hope and find cure for this deadly disease. For me, Breast Cancer Awareness is beyond going pink in the month of October, it is a reminder that some people weren’t lucky enough to be enlightened in time about the disease and some have died with no cure.

Therefore, if wearing a pink ribbon, running a marathon, organizing fundraisers or in my case quilting a pink ribbon helps to put a smile on the face of a survivor, raise hope, enlightens or encourage someone out there, then it’s worth the effort. 


I am hoping that as I go along on my quilting journey and life generally, my voice would be heard loud enough as I join it to the millions of people out there raising their voices to create awareness about Breast Cancer.  For now anyway, here is a partially completed quilt in celebration of the Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

IMG_20151029_235020 new

Have a great weekend everyone and be grateful for life and keep being hopeful. Like I saw somewhere online, “who ever says winning isn’t everything isn’t fighting breast cancer” let’s keep fighting to WIN this battle!!!


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