I need a new PLAYMATE!

I’m not even going to lie, I’ve probably been on the hunt for a sewing machine for over a year now… I know right! My current Machine which I’ve had for over 3 years has been surprisingly useful but it’s breaking down more often now and I don’t have a choice but to get a replacement/ supplementary one. At the time I got my sewing machine, I just wanted to indulge my passion for sewing and fashion design…how’d I get into quilting? well that’s story for another day.  My point is I got a machine that was fit for purpose at the time and now that I’m all about quilting…it’s no longer as fit for purpose.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of potentials that seem achievable within my budget (hmm not exactly within my budget… there has to be something left over for fabrics right!).

My predicament however is that I need to be absolutely sure when I eventually buy one, basically, it has to tick all or most of the boxes of my quilting needs. As, returning won’t be an option and if i’m emptying my account for it…oh well you get my point.

While I’ve seen a few I love, they just so happen to be incompatible with my location (why’d they have to be 110v huh?) and I don’t want to take chances with a step down adapter.

Anyway, here are my current top 6 – i’m not sure they are in any particular order yet (I’ll be compiling a list of pros and cons of each on the blog in the coming days/weeks):

1. Brother INNOV-IS 350 SE – currently on offer with a quilting kit for 599 pounds
2. Bernina B330 – comes with a free extension table also going for 599 pounds
3. Janome QXL605 with an option to add a quilting kit at 568 pounds
4. Singer Quantum 9960 at 589 pounds
5. Brother FS100WT with extra wide table at 399 pounds
6. Singer Confidence 7470 at 329 pounds

What are your thoughts on this list and which would you recommend based on your personal experiences or knowledge? I’d really appreciate your comments even if it’s recommending something outside this list! Thanks 🙂

On that note, has anyone heard of Decor Pro machines, I saw some decent looking ones but haven’t heard of this brand?


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