No Resolutions…Only Committments

Happy new year Dearests,

I wish you an amazing year filled with nothing but beautiful things!

It’s already 8 days into the new year and though I haven’t done any sewing, i’m excited about the Commissioned work already lined up so far.

I’m still reflecting on 2015 and like previous years before it, there were resolutions left underachieved, goals not met but you know what…it’s absolutely OK! 2016 is a brand new opportunity to get back on track towards achieving those goals. This year, I’m not even making any cliche list of resolutions. All I want is to be my best self in everything, to push harder, work harder, and make every effort to achieve more in all I set out to do. That means, I want to Quilt more, share more on the blog and inspire more people to Quilt…let’s be amazing together this year!!! I need you to make it all happen and to you lovelies that made 2015 a great year I am so grateful to you and I know together we can make 2016 even more awesome.

On that note, let the year begin..I’ve made/will make some beautiful things and learnt/will learn a lot that I will like to share with you in due time.

Cheers to 2016, Have a good One.

Sola 🙂


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