#QuiltinginNigeria Series: Quilt, Quilting…what?

When someone asks me what I do, I reply I work as a Computer Analyst in the Civil Service and I Quilt then wait for what’s coming next or not…hehehehe. On some occasions depending on if I was talking face to face or chatting, I have to follow up with a picture of what I mean by a Quilt and get responses like oh you make duvets or oh you do patchwork…huh? You are probably wondering…are they wrong? well not entirely but there’s more to a Quilt than being just a form of bedding (find out more as we go along) and you could say patchwork is one layer of the Quilt.

On one occasion, I was talking to someone about my craft and the guy said OK, I’ll check out your Instagram page.  A while later, he came back to me and said…”I had to go on Google to find out what Quilting was all about” then went on to say, you know what, an average Nigerian doesn’t know what a Quilt means.

He is absolutely right!  I certainly didn’t know what a Quilt was until 4 years ago and sometimes it’s easier to just go along than let your ignorance show. I mean why should you? When thanks to Google you can find out about anything in a matter of minutes right 😉 , Thank God for technology!

Anyway, Quilting isn’t popular in Nigeria, almost non-existent even (check my previous post on the statistics here) but I’ve realized there’s so much more I can do to change that. Unlike some amazing Quilters I know who come from a long line of Quilters or did some Quilting with their grandparent’s growing up, I had to discover Quilting on my own and I can say majority of the potential Quilters in Nigeria don’t even know about the craft yet :(.

I’d love to share details about my projects but I bet it will be meaningless to the average non-quilting audience. Consequently, as stated in my previous post (no resolutions…only commitments), I am committing to a day every week going forward to post useful information about the Quilting process for every level of audience.

This is a Quilting blog after all, so please look out for my subsequent posts in that regard and feel free to ask any question or particular information you are interested in.


Thanks for stopping by… XX

Sola 🙂


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