Every Little Thing Counts…Part 1

Good Day Friends,

Did you have a great weekend? I had an interesting one and here’s why…

Have you ever gone to bed full of energy, plans and can’t wait to get started the next morning? …That was me Thursday night after making a sampler block for this pattern i’m working on! 😀

My friend said this looks like bubble gum 🙂

I got Friday off work thanks to Armed Forces remembrance day as the road to my workplace was barricaded for the celebration 🙂 Cheers to all the Men and Women out there risking their lives to keep people like me secured! Sorry I digressed a bit, guess I was too excited about my weekend starting Thursday evening ;)! If you don’t know by now, my weekends are dedicated to “sewing Marathon”…yes I called it Marathon! I only get interval breaks for toilet, meals and TV when I begin to lose focus (it happens a lot, all that staring at a speeding needle…haven’t mastered the art of looking in front of the needle yet 🙂 ).

And again I digress, point is, I was geared up for one of those weekends, I had plans to hook up with friends but I wanted to get a lot done before that. I got up on Friday and I could swear my body wasn’t mine, very similar to the way I felt an hour after my first Les Mills Grit Strength Class at the gym…totally knackered with pains all over! Surprisingly, I got a decent sleep, I didn’t even get out of bed till 10 a.m.

Shoot…there goes my planned Marathon 😦 so I picked up my Quilting Journal (It’s a book where I keep track of work in progress, lessons learnt and my plan for future projects) and began planning for upcoming custom work, a bit sluggish but I made some progress.

  1. I finalized color and block pattern for 2 double Quilts
  2.  I even drew up cutting chart for 18″ and 20″ block of the pattern I’m working on (I’ll share the Quiltspiration with you soonest).
  3. I Managed to choose fabric for my Queen Quilt and planned my cutting chart -I’m up scaling a lap size Quilt I just made.CIMG3191

All this time, I was watching TV, trying to get my head in the right place, desperately fighting the urge to go back to bed and hoping my little assignment gets me in the mood for the work I had planned. Sure enough, this worked! Next thing I know, I was itching to cut into the fabric I had just chosen ,then i’m marking and pinning together squares for HST (Half Square Triangle) and  I thought, If only I could just push to make all my HSTs today…I did!!!

By Saturday I couldn’t bring myself to do much either but I ended up trimming my HSTs (had an OH NO moment and learnt lessons i’ll also be sharing on my next post) pieced a block and still managed to hook up with my friends on Sunday, a day late but better late than sorry right?


On a final note, I’m glad I pushed a little harder this weekend and even though I didn’t really do what I planned, I made good progress on other projects and that feels good. What’s your weekend like? I’d like to read about your experiences in the comment section. What do you do when you just can’t gather the strength or motivation to do what you had planned?

Thanks again for stopping by,


Sola 🙂


3 thoughts on “Every Little Thing Counts…Part 1

  1. Well done lady! You did well inspite all… As for me, I was getting ready to travel on the Sunday so I was all about packing and all.. If that can be labelled as productive then I had a productive weekend too lol

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