The Quilting Process: An Overview

This is a very late post that should have gone out at the beginning of the week but it still made this week so great 😉

Welcome again…remember my post about an Average Nigerian not knowing what I mean when I say I Quilt and my commitment to get back to the basics to address this issue?(see that post here) this is an introduction to the series.

I’m sure there are thousands of quilt blogs/websites out there and I can guarantee you, there are that many perspectives to Quilting because let’s face it…everyone have their perspective, style, techniques whatever you want to call it.

Truthfully, there is only one end result which is to “make a Quilt” but there are numerous ways to reach that destination. When I started learning to quilt, I enthusiastically downloaded many free patterns but trust me, I haven’t made ¼ of these. Why? Well I found out by following a pattern to the letter, I was missing out on the learning process.  I was only focusing on the result which is to make this particular pattern the way it said to do it. Different perspectives remember…following a pattern is also a great way to learn 🙂

Consequently, I put the patterns aside, looked at Quilting as a series of processes and explored each process thoroughly. I figured I’d rather look at a pattern and build my own set of processes to make that particular Quilt. I spend some time to understand it and just get on with making it from my own perspective. For instance, I could prefer making my Half Square Triangles (HSTs) 8 at a time but the pattern only gave instructions for making 1 at a time, so rather than follow that step, I count the number of HSTs required to make that Quilt and make it in my preferred method.

Over the course of these series of posts, I will be taking you through my perspective with reference to others’ on each step of the Quilting Process. On that note, let’s talk processes for a bit shall we…

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a process is simply “a series of actions that produce something or that lead to a particular result”.  I am even more interested in is this definition from that says “Sequence of interdependent and linked procedures which, at every stage, consume one or more resources (employee time, energy, machines and money) to convert inputs (data, material, parts, etc.) into outputs. These outputs then serve as inputs for the next stage until a known goal or end result is reached.”

From that definition I’d say, “A Quilting process is a sequence of interdependent and linked procedures (see flow chart below) which at every stage consumes one or more resources (time, energy, sewing tools and money…) to convert inputs (fabrics, thread, and batting/wadding) into outputs. These outputs serve as inputs for the next stages (basting, quilting and binding) until a known goal or end result is reached (A Quilt is made 🙂).”

Quilting Process



This chart is only a quick overview of the Quilting process but as we explore each step further, you will see each step as a process within the overall process.   I’ll be posting pictures of my work in progress as illustrations for each step of process and by the time we round up the series, you would have seen the process of making a Quilt from start to finish :).

For me, a thorough understanding of each process (which I am still trying to achieve) is a major step towards enhancing my efficiency and effectiveness.  When it’s all said and done, I hope you will have a better understanding of the whole process enough to get on board with Quilting or if you are already quilting, learn one or two things to enhance your craft.

Have a great weekend ahead and thanks for stopping by!


XX…Sola 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Quilting Process: An Overview

    1. Awww, I can’t believe that’s still happening. I created a limited blogger profile as a solution to that. I probably logged into the wrong blogger profile I have 2 don’t know how. Anyway, thanks for letting me know, I’ll see to that again.


  1. I can see you think much the way I do. Identify the problem (what do I want to make? do I have a design or can I develop one?), identify the resources (what fabric is needed, tools, skills, and do I have them? can I acquire them?), create a plan for proceeding, execute plan (make a block, perhaps?), test the plan (did the block turn out how I wanted/expected?), continue with execution/feedback. How did it go? 🙂

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    1. Exactly Melanie! That’s the only way I work. Otherwise I keep running around in circles 😦 I’m hoping taking others through that thought process would be a great way to give them a perfect understanding of what quilting is all about. I want to encourage many people to Quilt over here 🙂

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