The Quilting Process: START

I can’t believe February is almost over, the year seems to be flying by so quickly it feels like many things are slipping by without notice…Sorry I’ve been MIA 😦

Anyway, welcome back to the Quilting process series…today we are going into the very starting point of the Quilting process. I believe you’ve had a look at the previous post giving you information about what you need to know before you dive into quilting. I take it you learnt a little about the necessary tools, resources, skills required and even what a quilt sandwich is all about among other things?

So let’s begin…I just found out there’s something like “Quilting in your head” from this post here by sew4home …hmm that’s what you call that thing where you see a pattern and blow it apart in your head in order to figure out how to recreate it without a step by step instruction…. coolio 🙂  For me, the starting point in the Quilting process is choosing your pattern, block inspiration, colors or if you are like me, building on an idea from a picture or the tiles of a random floor ;). Some other times, I start by choosing fabrics first, letting it “speak to me” then I follow the direction the fabric is leading, it’s so much fun that way I promise.

How do you choose pattern, block inspiration? Here is a list of places I visit for block, patterns and color inspiration when I don’t have any in mind:

  1. Pinterest
  2. Instagram
  3. Craftsy
  4. I purchased the CT publishing Block Tool app from play store. It’s perfect for beginners you’d want to give it a try. It gives you the cutting chart for various blocks in up to 3 or more sizes
  5. Quilt Color app, it has a collection of traditional blocks and the fun part is you get to play around with different color ideas. It’s an avenue to try out those weird color combinations running through your head, try out your color choices on a sample block before you dive in and I pull it out for fun when I’m bored!
  6. Of course
  7. Quilt magazines…Quilt maker, McCall’s Quilting, Love of Quilting, All of people Quilt, American Patchwork and Quilting…check them out.
  8. When in doubt Google Images to the rescue 🙂
  9. Free block patterns from the numerous Quilt blogs out there
  10. Random things from my environment. Remember I promised to share the Quiltspiration for this block below with you…well it was inspired by the floor of the Presidential Banquet Hall…I was there on an official assignment and I couldn’t stop admiring the floor.



I took a couple of pictures when I had the opportunity and the block below was born, Happy days!!!


For the more experienced Quilters, how do you choose your pattern/ block ideas or where do you get your Quilt inspirations from? Please let’s hear about them in the comment section.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the coming weekend.

Until next time…XX

Sola 🙂





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