Every Little Thing Counts: Part 2

In the first post, I was talking about making little efforts even when you don’t feel like it and how every little action can yield noticeable achievements. Today, I want to talk about the little changes I have been making to my sewing routine.

When I started sewing again this year after the holidays, I noticed my favorite rotary cutter was faulty 😦 I had left it opened the last time I used it and it obviously fell…I don’t know when or how but anyway, the blade doesn’t retract and I can’t cut with it anymore (I won’t make that mistake again!!!). I switched to my newer cutter which I recalled or so I thought that I only just changed the blade and I was so frustrated because cutting was such a struggle. In my head I couldn’t believe or even accept the fact that a dull blade was the source of my headache but alas I changed the blade and hmm it cuts like knife through butter 🙂

Enough with the story, here’s the list of little changes I started making since then.

  1. Got serious about using my journal – for taking notes whenever that light bulb goes off in the middle of something else, for quick sketches and for doodling.
  2. Documenting my blade and needle changes, you won’t believe how this little thing has been making my life easier!
  3. This is probably the most important of all, I now track my spending and all I can say is wow, I can’t believe I’ve been spending that much on Quilting supplies (I wonder how much I spent last year…uh?) That led to recording the number of fabric yardage purchased per shopping trip to account for what I have in my stash not like that’s going to stop me from buying more anyway!
  4. Downloaded a work log app from play store and I punch in and out to track my hours (sometimes I forget to punch out and that defeats the purpose 😦 ), I can even chart my breaks and make note about the project I am working on. This one is a major necessity for me, I never used to track my hours and so can’t tell if I am spending too long on a project or exactly how long it takes to complete a project from start to finish. I am particularly learning from this new routine, because I can see how long I spend on each process, I am already seeing areas where I need to be more efficient…Quick update on this one, you might want to download an app that allows you to backup/export your entries. I didn’t, my phone fell in water, data all gone (data all gone, data allllll gonnneeee including my pictures – Bummer)…end of sad story. I have downloaded again on my new phone but I think I’ll explore a more secure option…These are the days of cloud computing after all 😉
  5. Keeping note on details of each work in progress from cutting charts to fabric requirement and lessons learnt for future projects especially if I tried a new technique . I wish I started this a long time ago, I am recreating a particular Quilt and it could have helped to have notes from the last one I made.
  6. Taking more step by step pictures, of course there will be a tutorial post sometimes in the near future. In addition, it will also come in handy someday mostly my experimental block arrangements before piecing. In the past, some of those experimental arrangements have given birth to new block ideas :).
  7. I am being more aware now when I cut my fabrics.  Previously, I cut just for the particular work in progress and end up  wasting fabric especially if fussy cutting is involved. However by paying a little bit more attention to the cutting process, I use my fabrics more wisely and even save cutting time on other projects. The image below was an example of such times. I couldn’t randomly cut into the fabric without losing the design  but I needed the surrounding solids so I cut out the squares and figured I could make a quick project out of that and it wasn’t a bad idea after all


That’s about all I can think of at the top of my head right now but I’ll definitely update as I go, someone might find it helpful who knows right? Anyway, I would love to hear about your routines and those seemingly unimportant things that turned out to be helpful in the long run.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week.

Sola 🙂



4 thoughts on “Every Little Thing Counts: Part 2

  1. Now you sound like a businesswoman — tracking time, being careful with resources, backing up data, documenting processes… quite the jump in your thinking! Great job!


    1. I won’t even consider myself a businesswoman at all! I feel like I’m good with the creating but not so much with the business but I guess I am learning and growing…I just might be able to do it right? Thanks for your lovely comment as always 🙂

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  2. Good job. I actually feel that some of these things you have highlighted can also improve one’s organizational skills in daily works even if you are not a quilter. I have definitely learnt a thing or two!


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