It’s “Game on” at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

I hate to admit it but everyone might actually be right…It’s very possible I am addicted to fabric shopping but isn’t every Quilter or maybe not?  Anyway, on this faithful day, sent an email about having sales on certain fabric lines including their Disney Character panels. I remembered in that mail they had this Princess … More It’s “Game on” at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


The Ying Yang

It’s my first wedding anniversary today and I can’t even believe it’s been a year already…feels like only few months ago that I was stressing about wedding plans and all that. Anyway, it’s been a journey but I’m glad for this new phase of my life. You know there has to be a Quilt involved … More The Ying Yang

Some Progress at Last

Guess who’s making progress on those bed size Quilts I’ve been putting off forever…yayyy you guessed right meee!!! OK I can be all excited about this now but I promise you this progress wasn’t without its fair share of  sweat, pain and perseverance. Why did I ever believe those videos and blog tutorials that convinced me … More Some Progress at Last