It’s “Game on” at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

I hate to admit it but everyone might actually be right…It’s very possible I am addicted to fabric shopping but isn’t every Quilter or maybe not?  Anyway, on this faithful day, sent an email about having sales on certain fabric lines including their Disney Character panels. I remembered in that mail they had this Princess Sofia panel that was really pretty…You probably know where I am heading with this right? Nevertheless, I followed the link with the intention of feeding my eyes (One day I’d actually do just that) and check out what the sales were all about. One thing led to another and before you know it, there were about 30 panels in my basket! I closed the page in my guilt and kept going back and forth removing and adding over the next few days before the sales stopped…long  story short, I ended up getting 17 panels only (ssshhh let it be our little secret 😉 )

Now that I have the panels I have to actually do something with them right? Yep! I figured I have a couple of pregnant friends and family and for some reasons I can’t explain, I genuinely like making baby quilts. My cousin was expecting a baby boy and because she witnessed me making baby quilts for others, it automatically meant she had to get one too…This will have to stop but for now I was happy to make her one since I already planned to anyway. She had the privilege of choosing a panel and she went with the blue Mickey Mouse and friend  panel- One of my favorite by the way. Here is the final result

IMG_20160426_213536 edit 2.jpg
I chose to quilt around the images to keep it simple without taking away from the beauty of the panel
IMG_20160426_094008 new.jpg
I wish I used a busy print for the backing just so the quilting is less obvious but since I went with solid, I am happy with how the quilting added a bit of interest to the otherwise plain back though. I promise it had less wrinkles when I ironed it for delivery.

There you have it, one of my finished projects for the year. Baby David is about a month old already and I delivered this a month before the birth so this post has been a long time coming. Watch out for more of this, remember I still have 16 panels left.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sola 🙂


8 thoughts on “It’s “Game on” at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

    1. Thanks a lot… I actually enjoyed working with this panel, no Piecing whatsoever, I just basted, quilted and attached binding. Now I’m really tempted to try out those ready to quilt panels from Pattern Jam. Do you know about those?


      1. It just might be the next big thing… hahahaha. You design your Quilt, you can choose from a library of fabrics then they print your design unto a panel so it’s “ready to quilt” when they deliver to you. No cutting or Piecing whatsoever. I really want to try but I’m not even going to go there cos of shipping but as soon as I know someone coming to Nigeria I’ll get one delivered to them. Delivery is guaranteed that way. You can check out their page


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