“Playing Along”: A work in Progress

This was supposed to be part of my #workinprogresswednesday post and for some reason I keep feeling like it’s Wednesday today…so let’s just go along with it shall we?

I recently moved on to a new project after unashamedly abandoning my previous project due to the fear of basting at least for now 😦 . In the previous post about my new project which I have decided to name “Nautical” …thanks Tierney 🙂 I shared my fabric choices, my chosen pattern and progress as at the time of the post. Today I’m just going to post a quick update of what I’ve done so far.

I have to say I am really enjoying the process of making this quilt and as the post title suggests, I am literally playing along with the elements of the design informed mainly by the fabric choices and other inspirations along the way. I seem to also be doing new things, combining paper piecing with traditional piecing and even threw a mitered border into the mix…yayyy me. I had tried a Mitered border before on a smaller quilt and I remember goofing my way through  but I could’t find my note if ever made one. A trip to Google (my best friend) yielded the instructions I needed and in the end I settled for this one from Craftsy (It’s here if you need it). After sewing and ripping off stitches a couple of times which felt like a thousand times, I achieved a result that was good enough so all is well that ends well 🙂 And here in all it’s dimness (Sorry people) is my progress:


I had left over HRTs (Half Rectangle Triangle) from piecing the main design that I chose to play around with and include in one of the rounds of borders . Now I have to design a block from the image on the right…it looks like it will work well for my Cloud 9 Blog Hop…coming up shortly!

And this is what it looks like with the Mitered border attached.


And here is what I am planning to do (for now) with my left overs in the border. What do you think about this plan…yay or nay?


The next time I post about this it should be completed fingers crossed and I promise to take better pictures. In the mean time please let me know what you think about my progress so far…thank you!

It’s #workinprogresswednesday for the purpose of this post but it is officially #tgif so Thank God It’s Friday, thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend ahead!

Sola 🙂



12 thoughts on ““Playing Along”: A work in Progress

  1. I love that you are designing a quilt that is uniquely your own, and figuring out how to make it work in the process. I especially like the last border. It really complements the interior design.


  2. I like seeing the HRTs around the outer edge. I especially like having the pale value at the midpoints, with the angles outward from there (as you show it.) It both POINTS to the middle, emphasizing the important part, and with the darker angles also points outward, extending the whole piece. Nicely done.


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