Piecing Completed on “Nautical”

I know, I know! I said the next time I post about this it will be completed but that’s not happening anytime soon because I won’t have access to my full sewing space for a while, I’m still on my annual leave. I am however posting a quick picture of my achievements so far and in this post basting your quilt I mentioned I won’t be Quilting this as I go like I have been doing with my other projects. That means the Quilt top is now completed and I might then stick to my promise of not posting about this again until it is completed but I seriously doubt that 😉 I foresee another post while basting this so fingers crossed for now.

And without further ado, here is a picture of the completed Quilt top…Lemme just reiterate that I loved every step of this experiment/Playing along. I thoroughly enjoyed figuring it out as I progressed, I see more of that in my future.

CIMG3894 edit.jpg

By the way, I managed two post in a day, I must be on a roll…No I’m just on holiday *wink* and today is the perfect day for a work in progress post…it’s #workinprogresswednesdays afterall.

I am yet to decide on a backing fabric and your suggestions are highly welcomed…Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week.

Sola 🙂


17 thoughts on “Piecing Completed on “Nautical”

  1. Excellent. I’m not an expert on quilting projects, but I visit what quilt shows I can. And I jpg ow what I like.


    1. Thanks a lot Stephanie, Yes I do but not enough to complete the entire backing. A pieced backing might be in order. I’ll try getting more of the lighter one with the anchor if I can. I love that fabric too and to think I almost didn’t buy it cos they insisted I buy the entire 5 yards left on the bolt and I didn’t think I’ll need that much of it…Glad I did!


  2. This is incredible! I wish I could describe my reaction — let’s just say I showed it to my husband for him to marvel at, too. (He wonders if you are a Nigerian princess. I said in my opinion, you are.) I’m sorry I’m so inarticulate here. The overall design, your color balance, value balance, execution, are all SO good. Top notch.


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