A trip to the Park (Part 1)

Thank God it’s Friday! This week seems to have gone by really quickly or maybe I just lost track of the days but I was genuinely surprised when Hubby said thank God it’s Friday. Speaking of Fridays, a couple of Fridays ago, I was discussing with my colleague who is a part time photographer about needing a nice location to photograph my quilts (I figured I needed to put in a little effort than my usual practice of laying the quilt across my chair and photographing it late at night…horrendous!). He not only recommended a nice park close toΒ work but he offered to go with me if I had a camera as he didn’t have his professional camera at hand…well my not so shabby camera would have to do as I wasn’t going to pass off this generous offer. I literally dashed home on my break (I live about 10 minutes away) to get my stuffs and we went to a park called “Millennium Park”, It’s a nice quiet park and I’m surprised I hadn’t visited it before.

On getting to the park we settled for the children section of the park and all I had to do was bring out the Quilts and watch him do his thing, I only assisted when required…how fun right! We took lots of pictures and the reason why it has taken me forever to post this is because editing and watermarking photos aren’t my favorite things to do and so I have been procrastinating until now. Too many pictures to show you and I couldn’t choose hence I have to break this in two parts in order not to bombard you with photos πŸ™‚ Enjoy!



That’s me peeking from the back, that’s how helpful I was being πŸ™‚





Thank you Mr Wale for all your help! Thanks everyone for stopping by and have a very productive weekend ahead.

Sola πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “A trip to the Park (Part 1)

  1. What a fun way to spend the afternoon! You’re so lucky to have a photographer friend take photos for you and look at all those finished quilts! That has to feel good.


    1. I never even thought to ask him and it was so nice of him to offer but I imagine I’ll be employing his services more in the future. Thanks a lot Stephanie…seeing all these finished quilts does feel really good!


  2. How fun to get some help photographing your beautiful quilts! My favorite photo is the one where you are peeking out. Taking and editing photos requires a lot of energy. Thanks for sharing.


    1. It was amazing! I probably would have been too shy and clueless going to the park on my own for the first time. I guess I should pose with my Quilts more often then :). I tried PickMarkr for the first time, it lets you watermark and resize 5 photos at ones so that was very helpful!


  3. Beautiful quilts and pictures. Love all the vivid colors. Yep, you’ll need to visit that park more often.


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