Decisions, Decisions… A new work in progress

Welcome back everyone! Now that the blog hop is done and holiday is over, it’s time to move on to a new project 😀

I pieced the center of this work in progress last year but it ended in the unfinished object pile because I couldn’t decide what to do with it then. I picked it up again this year and added some borders. Then I planned to add a bigger border to take it to the desired size (A double bed size) but I wasn’t completely sold, so it went back into the UFO pile.


I reached out to Melanie @catbirdquilts for her opinion on the idea of setting the block on point and she suggested tilting the block instead so here’s my attempt at that. I would have preferred it a bit more tilted but I didn’t have a concrete plan in place when I pieced that last border so this is as far as it goes.


With that out of the way, it’s time to decide what the next stage should be. This will have a pieced border somewhere but I am torn between having another round of border before or after that. I am very opened to your suggestions and would much appreciate your opinions. If I do decide on a border before the pieced border, I  will lean towards another round of black, how does that sound?

fabrics 2.jpg


This fabric is also under consideration for the border, I’m not sure I want to introduce other colors into the equation though…you see? Decisions, Decisions!

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a very fruitful week ahead.

Sola 🙂



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19 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions… A new work in progress

  1. Hi Sola, I love your tilted centre. If it was my quilt, I’d give it a narrow yellow border, then a wide black one with yellow flying geese around the outside, to echo the triangular shapes of what you already have there. It’s a lovely clear shade of yellow, and a great colour combination with the black to make it the colour story for the whole quilt.


  2. According to the Emmy Red Carpet last night, the time for that golden yellow is now! I love the center but agree with all previous comments and love the term “percolate”. The floral print is very pretty and the colors would mesh but is it THE border for this block? Time will tell; try out others for contrast; it will be beautiful in the end. If you have no deadline, you have percolation 😊 time. AND, you already know all this! Can’t wait to see the finished pieces but there is no rush.


    1. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment! That yellow is absolutely delicious isn’t it? It’s time is definitely now 😁I just found out about percolate too and it’s an interesting word 😃. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough percolating time but I don’t have to decide for another day or 2 so time will tell! I’ll try out the options and see what sticks in the end. Cheers


  3. I love the tilt on your block, but not sure about the floral for another border as I think it would detract from the center. Maybe audition some other fabrics. I’ve been known to take my piece into my local quilt shop and audition fabrics there if I don’t have anything at home that speaks to me.


    1. Thanks Jennifer, I’m with you on the possibility of the floral detracting from the center. I think it might be safer to just keep it clean and not introduce any border/fabric that will likely yield undesirable results.

      On Sep 19, 2016 2:20 PM, “Alice Samuel's Quilt Co.” wrote:



  4. Would the floral be part of the pieced border, or a border all on its own? I get not wanting to introduce new colors to the quilt, but that floral is really pretty and could possibly work!


    1. Thanks Wendy, Yes I was thinking the floral as a border on its own but if I do that, I might need to incorporate it into the pieced border to keep it balanced. It could work but could also go terribly wrong 😱😱. Long day at work so I can’t work on this project for another day but we’ll see.

      On Sep 19, 2016 1:34 PM, “Alice Samuel's Quilt Co.” wrote:



      1. Sometimes, when I have a piece like the floral, I like to put my quilt on a design board (or a floor if I have the space to leave it), lay the border piece next to it, and just live with it a few days. It gives me time to think about whether I really like the piece as the border before I do any cutting or sewing. Looking forward to seeing what you choose to do!


  5. Lovely Sola! Sometimes a quilt needs to percolate for a while in your mind until a great idea forms. I love how that zig-zag quilt is tilted, it adds lots of interest to the top! Thanks for sharing!


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