Random Musings – 4 years overdue!

Phew…I really do not know what to write about but I certainly feel the need to do so. I am not even sure anyone is still subscribed to this blog because its been 6 years! If you were following this blog then you might recall I moved to a self hosted blog see that announcement here.  Anyway, I successfully managed that blog posting at least once weekly for 2 years. Along the line, I had my son who is turning 5 soon…time does fly! and needed to focus on that leaving less time for quilting and blogging.

Long story short, while I wasn’t watching, the blog was hacked and I lost access to it, I was consoled by the thought my hosting company had a backup and will help resolve this. Well guess what, it wasn’t resolved despite all effort and even help from the quilting community on Facebook and I lost that blog permanently. I felt so disappointed and demoralised I gave up completely, I honestly did not have the drive to begin again! Somewhere along the line my daughter who just turned 3  came along and that was the end of that unfortunately. I still absolutely love quilting, I don’t quilt these days (will definitely do again at some point 🙂 ) but I have gone ahead to do some other things since you last read from me.

I recently signed in to this account again and I was pleasantly surprised to see that many people still visit this blog a number of times yearly and even leave questions and comments on some of my tutorials posted on other blogs. I have to say, I was so overwhelmed with joy seeing that something that seems to have become a part of my past still has an impact on others. In retrospect, I wish I reverted back here and kept the fire burning. Nevertheless, I did mention I have gone ahead and done other things since you last heard from me and the most recent being completing another Masters degree in Information Management and Digital Business. I want to reconnect and keep sharing on this blog, it could be anything from just random musings to sharing thoughts and tips on digital business, entrepreneurship or anything else for that matter (time will tell).

On that note, I need a favour! Kindly let me know if you get this post by leaving a comment so I know this blog still has an audience and if there is anything in particular you would like to read about going forward in any area let me hear them!!! I promise I know a little something about so many things and if I don’t, well let’s cross that bridge when the time comes shall we?

If you do see this…thank you for stopping by!




3 thoughts on “Random Musings – 4 years overdue!

  1. I’m so glad I found this page , I just had this sudden interest for quilting but I don’t know where to begin as getting these fabric in Nigeria is so hard . I would like a feedback from you on how to get these fabrics . Thanks


  2. How fun to see a post from you in my inbox this morning! I’m so sorry about the whole blog/hack thing; how frustrating for you! Enjoy those littles, they do grow up so fast! And congrats on the Masters degree!

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    1. Wow Wendy! someone did see this post after all :)…I realised I moved all subscribers to the other blog unfortunately. Thank you for stopping by, really means a lot. Yes indeed, my little ones are a handful but I wouldn’t have them any other way really. Thank you so much and fingers crossed that I do something meaningful with my new degree.

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