Decisions, Decisions…here’s my Decision.

Thank God it’s Friday! Things are a bit quiet at work so I’m seizing that opportunity to quickly share an update on the decision I made following my last Work in Progress Post Decisions, Decisions… Thanks to everyone that shared their thoughts and suggestions on that post, your lovely suggestions were ringing in my ears as I made my decisions.

Quick recap, I already decided the quilt was going to have a pieced border (I had a rail fence block kinda thing in mind at the time) but then I was torn between having another round of border before or after the pieced border. I also needed to determine what color of fabric to use if I do decide on a border before the pieced border. I was leaning towards another round of black border but I found a floral fabric I considered for a minute (I eventually decided against the floral and I settled on using it in the binding instead, it worked perfectly!)

To summarize the suggestions I got:

  • Try the floral, it could probably work if it will be part of the pieced border,
  • some were unsure of the floral
  • A narrow yellow border followed by a wider black border and a flying geese border
  • Use more of the yellow, audition some other fabrics… and I think that about covers it.

I decided to go for black with yellow around the corners (I’d have preferred the yellow a little less obvious probably about 4″ at the most but I think I used 10″) and some where along the line I decided to have a chevron border instead to further show off the zig zag in the center but that involved making loads of HSTs (96 precisely) which was how I revived the Making 32 HSTs at Once Method what a huge help it was to get those HSTs made in record time! Anyway, this is the initial layout after attaching the border and trying out my chevron bordercimg4244



Well it turns out that after laying out my pieced border, I hated the idea of the floating black in the new border, I thought of  leaving the yellow in 2 of the corners such that there is more of the black showing but then I realized that the unfinished size of my pieced border is the same as my pieced block so it was easier to lose that border all together and I ended up with this…ah much better don’t you think?



I finished it off with a final round of gray border and added the last black border just because, unfortunately after quilting and trying to square up the finished quilt, I had to lose the black border, it was the only way to get my quilt looking decently straight! Thanks to all the squishing that happened during quilting:

Here is my shabby attempt at photographing the entire quilt top 

I enjoyed making and playing around with my HSTs that I most likely will have to make something out of either or both of these layouts 🙂



This Quilt is now labeled and bound and hopefully I will take another trip to the park to get a fairly decent picture to share as soon as I can but in the meantime, I am working on some other projects that are taking priority right now. I am in the process of Quilting and finishing off my Nautical Quilt, I recently completed 2 more baby Quilt (Beauty and the Beast and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) from my stash of Disney Character Panels. I also need to attach the backing and finish off my Queen Size Quilt-As-You-Go quilt…I should be well busy for another 2 weeks.

Thanks for stopping by, have a productive weekend ahead, I know I already have my work cut out for the weekend. What are your Quilty Plans for the weekend? As always, I love your comments so thanks in advance!

Sola 🙂


20 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions…here’s my Decision.

  1. Definitely much better without the black bars! I love your colour sense – have you thought about using ankara fabrics combined with solids for a similar sort of design?


    1. Thanks a lot Kate! I love Ankara fabrics. I have used them a bit in the past and I’m totally getting on that ship next year! I’ve had bleeding issues in the past but I’m currently researching the good quality ones 🙂


      1. I do too, and I think they work beautifully with plenty of solid colour so the patterns don’t fight too much. I use colour catchers in the wash with fabrics I’m not sure about, I don’t know if you can get those but it really helps! But as you say, the better the quality, the less likely you are to have excess dye in the fabric.


      2. The fabrics are so vibrant and so busy that it will clash without plenty of solids for sure.I have looked around for color catchers and I kept meaning to buy on Amazon but i always forget, I recently got Retayne though, so that should be helpful.

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