Few weeks ago, my very first paying client contacted me about replacement pillowcases for the ones I made earlier (almost 2 years now…) to change things up she said, she wanted me to stay within the same color scheme as before. I was kinda booked but I knew I couldn’t turn her down or push it till after I completed my current commitments … decisions decisions –  I thought if I could just sacrifice a little comfort time I can get it done for her without disrupting the plans I had for my current project. Final decision, I’d dedicate my weekend sewing marathon to it, I wasn’t banking on the fact that the terrible pain in my abdomen and back will finally drive me to the hospital!!!.

I did make it to the fabric store in the morning, got what I needed and some 🙂 but spent a huge part of the rest of the day at the hospital. Thank goodness It’s nothing a good dose of antibiotics couldn’t fix. Then it was back home to rest, and work which was a struggle seeing as I was battling a nagging pain plus fever but I spent my resting time figuring out patterns and as the pain seems to worsen in the evenings, I knew what I had to do the rest of the weekend.

Speaking of patterns,of course pinwheel had to be involved not just because I absolutely love it but because the fabric was begging for it 😉 excitedly I dived straight into cutting my fabric. I had barely gone halfway when I realized I cut the starting squares for my HSTs too small…oops! What can I do, I have very limited fabric for this so I carried on…that’s what borders are made for after all. I love the output see it below, you can’t really see the borders and I am fine with that! For the quilting I went with orange peel FMQ along all the diagonal lines of the HSTs and it was “just enough”I must say.

pinwheelFor the second one, I was stuck between various designs but my friend said I should go with the star of hope pattern, I sent her a screenshot of it from my “CT publishing Block tool app”. This app is only about $1.99 or so can’t remember exactly, anyway it’s perfect for beginners, cutting chart for traditional blocks in 3 or more sizes and the blocks are “blown apart” (talked about this here ) for someone like me who is most unlikely to follow the cutting instruction. OK, I digressed…I added yellow to the black solid and African wax print (Ankara) for this block. For the quilting I played around with echo-In straight line quilting and pebbles Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) for the center…how beautiful is this variegated Tula Pink Aurifil thread :)?


I had a bit of the wax fabric left so I made another block I had contemplated but discarded for the block above, it is the bow tie block…I’ve always wanted to make it and the opportunity finally came – I’m happy with the way it turned out. In the end, my client chose it over the star block; apparently she’s not a fan of yellow. It’s a good thing I made the spare one which was ready to be offered as alternative. I delivered them to her on my way from work on the Monday, she was happy, I was happy…end of story but first see that result below.

bow tie

The weekend is here…yaaayyyy, I have so much to look forward to this weekend, hopefully more things to share with you soon.

Have a great one…XX

Sola 🙂


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